Behind Erling Haaland unstoppable rise
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Behind Erling Haaland unstoppable rise

Check out today’s story of how football prince Erling Haaland became the best.

Erling Haaland was born in Leeds in 2000, when his father played for Leeds United. Growing up, Haaland followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Brune Football Club’s youth academy.

Coach Alf Ingve Berntsen was immediately impressed by his club’s hard-working newcomer, who made a difference in attack. He has been very, very good from the start, even though he has not played for the club before.

In 2005, the club built a turf-covered indoor football pitch that is always open on weekends. Erin and about 20 people always party there on weekends and play for hours.

He is a little younger than his opponent because he is a year younger than his opponent. But he kept scoring goals even when his opponents were noticeably taller. When he was 11 or 12, we knew he was going to go a long way. We already knew then that he was capable of being a youth international player.


First entry

Haaland’s first taste of international football came with the Norwegian Under -15s, where he scored 18 goals in 14 games for Bryan’s reserves in 2015-16, leaving a deep impression. In Norway, he met Gunnar Haller, who had been his father’s team-mate at Leeds in the late 1990s.

He’s a good player, no doubt, scoring a lot of goals, but by no means great. His physique and coordination were still developing at the time.

No one could imagine what he would be capable of one day. Today, he benefits from the fact that he has to learn to read a game because he is not as confident as he is today. ”

He didn’t care who was watching. He doesn’t care if he plays with friends for fun or for the national team. He was never afraid, he always respected his opponents.


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