Barzagli said that Juventus was very united, the team played hard and finally won the game
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Barzagli said that Juventus was very united, the team played hard and finally won the game

Juventus ended a two-game losing streak in all competitions with a 1-0 win over Turin in the 10th round of Serie A.

This victory is also Juventus’ first away victory in the new season. Juventus got 2 draws and 2 losses in the past 4 away games.

Juventus star Barzagli commented on the game after the game. He said the victory was an important step for Juve to get back on the right track, because it was a tense derby that Juve won in the end. In this game, everyone saw a united Juventus , the team fought hard and finally won the game.

Inter Milan star Zeng Jia commented on Allegri ‘s formation after the game, “Allegri often says that he is good at dealing with crises. He has suffered a lot of criticism during this time, and he proved himself today through player selection and formation selection.”

Zenga also praised the success of Allegri’s evolution, which helped him lead the team to victory in this difficult derby.

Vlahovic, who helped Juventus score, also commented on the game in an interview after the game.

Vlahovic said they knew before the game that it would not be easy because it was a derby and Torino were very strong. He also congratulated Torino on playing his game, and for Juve it is very important to win and to continue to win.

Vlahovic also said that all players are willing to follow coach Allegri and follow his arrangements. Vlahovic said that adversity allows people to grow and progress and learn a lot from them. Vlahovic will always give his all to prepare for the game and to help the team. While there is no guarantee that every game will be good, Vlahovic will give it his all.


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