Barcelona to sue Atletico Madrid to enforce £40m buyout
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Barcelona to sue Atletico Madrid to enforce £40m buyout

Barcelona could take legal action against Atletico Madrid over the club’s handling of Antoine Griezmann ‘s loan. Griezmann was placed in the 60th minute of the game to avoid reaching the minimum time required to trigger the 40 million buyout clause at the end of the season.

The contract stipulates the lease term for one year, with the possibility of a further year extension. If in the first year he played more than 50% of the available games, this condition will be enforced in the second year.

Barcelona said that it has communicated with Atletico Madrid that the player on loan last season has met the necessary conditions to pay 40 million because he played more than 50% of the time . The game during the season he was loaned out. Specifically, he hit 80% . So, in the first year, Griezmann already fully met this condition. This is for the year he was loaned out, last season, and for one year instead of just two seasons.

But Atletico Madrid rejected this explanation, and the legal services department of the Barcelona club is preparing a corresponding lawsuit to enforce the 40 million buyout payment.


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