Barcelona goalkeeper Pena becomes Real Betis’ target for summer
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Barcelona goalkeeper Pena becomes Real Betis’ target for summer

According to reports, the 23-year-old goalkeeper Ignacio Pena, currently playing for La Liga Barcelona , has become one of the targets of La Liga Real Betis in the transfer window next summer.

Only played one game for Barcelona this season

Pena was promoted to the first team from Barcelona’s reserves this year, but he has spent most of the season on the bench and has not been given a chance to play. However, he ushered in his debut yesterday, representing Barcelona in the final round of the Champions League in Group C, which won the victory against Czech Plzen.

The young goalkeeper performed well in his debut game, blocking 2 goals from the opponent to help the team beat Bilsen 4-2. He is currently on loan from Barcelona to Galatasaray, and this is Pena’s first game since joining the Barcelona first team.

Barcelona goalkeeper Pena becomes Real Betis' target for summer

Real Betis looking to fill vacancy

As the 39-year-old goalkeeper Claudeo Bravo has entered the twilight years of his career, although he has rich actual combat experience, he is old and weak, and his successor, the 28-year-old goalkeeper Rui Silva, intends to transfer in next summer. Leaving the team to start a new career journey will force Real Betis coach Manuel Pellegrini to enter the transfer market to find a suitable goalkeeper for the introduction of next summer.

It is reported that Pellegrini’s goalkeeper shortlist includes Premier League Manchester United’s 31-year-old goalkeeper David De Gea, which also includes the young goalkeeper of the old enemy Barcelona – Pena.

A few months left in the contract period with Barcelona

With the defending young goalkeeper remaining in the final months of his contract with Barcelona, it immediately caught Pellegrini’s attention. And if Silva and the team part ways, then Real Betis will go all out in the transfer window next summer in order to win the 23-year-old Spanish goalkeeper from Barcelona.

However, it is understood that Barcelona are discussing a new contract with the young goalkeeper, because Barcelona do not want to let Pena transfer for free and cause the team to lose both money and personnel.

However, based on the fact that Barcelona has not given the goalkeeper more opportunities to play, and the contract renewal negotiations have not yet reached the late stage, all these factors may shake Pena’s idea of staying in the team. Pena’s move to Real Betis could also be foreseeable in the future, if Pellegrini promises to give him a chance to play and boost the goalkeeper’s career.


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