Baili keeps the promise and weeps blood in the sky, Zhang Daxian teaches you how to abolish Guan Yu. (two)
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Baili keeps the promise and weeps blood in the sky, Zhang Daxian teaches you how to abolish Guan Yu. (two)

Baili keeps the promise and weeps blood in the sky, Zhang Daxian teaches you how to abolish Guan Yu. (two)

It has been abandoned for a long time, and some players don’t know what kind of outfits should be used for Baili Shouyue. In the recent qualifying match, the ban rate of Baili Shouyue seems to have begun to decrease. Players choose to ban more supports, but seeing The teammate chose to keep the contract, and his mentality will inevitably be affected. He feels that this player has a high chance of making trouble. Unless he shows an impressive record, he will really fight him to the end.

The intensity of Baili ‘s contract keeping has been ups and downs. During the launch period, the intensity was very high. Unfortunately, it was ruined by players. Later, the season revision rose for a while. Will not give up such a strong shooter easily. Zhang Daxian has good vision and successfully created a set of “Crying Blood Sky Flow” for keeping the contract. As the name suggests, the core equipment is of course the Crying Blood Blade and Pure Sky. Let’s study this set of equipment together .

weeping blood sky flow

According to Zhang Daxian , for Baili’s promise-keeping outfit, you only need to add an Infinity Blade in the later stage, but the damage of this equipment is not only the same as the three Endless outfits, but also the formation speed is much faster , there is no need to worry about no damage at all. The biggest advantage is that the survival rate and battery life can be greatly improved. Don’t forget that the pure sky has a 35% injury-free effect, and with the passive blood-sucking knife, when the blood volume is less than 30%, Within 5 seconds, a total of 400 to 610 health points will be restored. From this, when being targeted by the enemy, there is no need to fear that you will be cut in seconds.

In addition, Pure Sky is very suitable for the passive of Baili’s ult. Its own skills cause a 50% deceleration effect. With this equipment, it will cause a 30% deceleration effect on the first enemy hero hit. There is a total of 80% deceleration here. I’m afraid the enemy can barely move. Baili Shouyue was defeated by Guan Yutian, and he was slashed by Guan Yu in the charging state, and his whole body was knocked into the air. Even if he controlled his skills, it was difficult to dodge when he was hit. However, the pure sky with his big move instantly knocked Guan Yu’s horse leg into the air. Turn it off, and make up for three infinite damages, and there is a high chance of a successful counter-kill.

How to increase the hit rate of the second skill

Zhang Daxian also taught a unique secret to improving the hit rate of the second skill. The first skill is to level A first, and then drag the second skill in the direction of the sniper. For the enemy leaning behind you, click on the second skill for a sure hit. If you want to change the direction of the big move, you can launch it in the opposite direction of the enemy target, and then instantly make up the flash. The direction of the bullet will change, killing the enemy by surprise.


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