Aubameyang and his wife were attacked and injured after being robbed at home
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Aubameyang and his wife were attacked and injured after being robbed at home

According to Spanish media reports, Barcelona star Aubameyang was brutally robbed by robbers in his home a few days ago, and even tied and beaten with his wife.

According to the media, the robbery took place at Aubameyang’s home in Castel Fadells, and Aubameyang was threatened with guns and beaten by four masked gangsters. It is reported that the four masked gangsters jumped directly into the garden of the house and then threatened Aubameyang with guns and iron bars.

The process of the robbery was also very violent. Aubameyang and his wife were tied up and hit in the chin with an iron rod, and his wife was also hit in the head. The gangsters then opened a safe and stole the jewelry. Fortunately, Aubameyang and his wife were only slightly injured during the robbery, but their children also experienced this unfortunate incident.

It is reported that after Aubameyang told the police about the robbery, he did not go to the hospital for treatment to prevent the child’s emotions from being affected. In addition, Barcelona Football Club is also arranging psychological counseling for Aubameyang’s children. According to the media, several witnesses said the gang of robbers fled in a white Audi sedan, and have not been arrested by the police.

Lewandowski was also robbed

In fact, it is not the first time that Aubameyang’s home has been burgled. Gangsters broke into his home two months ago, but no one was home at the time.

In addition, the robbery of international stars is nothing new. Recently, even Polish star Lewandowski was also a victim. When the star went to the stadium to participate in training, the watch he was wearing was snatched away. The robber was still arrested by the police.

The home of another star, Di Maria , was also looted by gangsters last year. At that time, Di Maria’s family and children were even at home, but in the end, Di Maria’s relatives were all safe.


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