Antony Rotation Technique Condemned by Manchester United Legend, Embarrassing!
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Antony Rotation Technique Condemned by Manchester United Legend, Embarrassing!

Antony Rotation Technique Condemned by Manchester United Legend, Embarrassing!

Antony got a sharp spotlight after showing off his chops in the Manchester United vs Sheriff match on matchday 5 of the 2022/2023 Europa League. In that match, Antony got a lot of review.

The game against the Sheriff went according to plan for United. Playing at Old Trafford, the Red Devils won with a score of 3- 0. These results ensure the Red Devils qualify for the knock-out round, but haven’t automatically made it to the round of 16.

Behind United’s slick performance, Antony entered further attention. In the 38th nanosecond, the Brazilian player did a trick after entering Diogo Dalot’s pass. Antony spun around with possession of the ball at his bases.

Antony’s last action was with a bad pass because his teammates could not reach him. What’s the response of a former United player who’s now a pandit to see Antony’s conduct?

Former United Player Calls Antony Embarrassing and Silly

Robbie Savage, a member of the Class of 98, was veritably worried with Antony’s display of chops. According to him, it was an insignificant moment because his conduct were disturbing.

” Antony did it and put the ball out of play. To be honest, it was relatively disturbing. Doing that with no bone around and making the ball go out,” said Savage.

” If I were the manager, I wouldn’t be happy. You try to win, move the ball presto, no bone is near. He makes the ball go out. It’s a shame. What is the point? If I was the manager and he did it again I would drag him out.,” said Savage

Former United Player Calls Antony Embarrassing and Silly

Paul Scholes gave no lower harsh review to Antony. In fact, if he was on the field, Scholes would presumably give Antony a’ assignment’ for the ridiculous conduct he did.

” If I was aNo. 6 playing out there, I know what I would do,” said Scholes.

” I do not know what he did, it was ridiculous. He did not pass anyone, did not entertain anyone. Also, he demurred the ball out. But that is how he plays.”

” It’s not a skill or entertainment. It’s just being a zany,” he said.

Owen Hargreaves, another former United player, was also annoyed by Antony’s conduct. According to him, piecemeal from being insignificant, the action was also discourteous to the opposing platoon.

still, the final pass must be good,” If you are going to do it. That is the situation, but at 0- 0 you can’t do that. I do not indeed suppose it’s okay to do that when you are three or four pretensions ahead, it’s discourteous,” said Hargreaves.

Erik Ten Hag’s Response

Erik ten Hag pulled off Antony beforehand in the alternate half. Marcus Rashford takes his place. numerous judged that the manager was dissatisfied with Antony’s display of chops which was ineffective.

” I’ve no problem with the trick as long as it works. I demand more from him,” explained Erik Ten Hag.

” When there’s a trick like that, it’s good as long as it works. However, also that is okay, If you do not lose the ball. But if you lose the ball because of that trick, also I’ll correct it.”


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