Anniversary benefits are just appetizers, and a new consumption system will be launched?
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Anniversary benefits are just appetizers, and a new consumption system will be launched?

Anniversary benefits are just appetizers, and a new consumption system will be launched?

The Honor of Kings finally celebrates its seventh anniversary. The official server will be updated on November 2, and the benefits will continue to be launched. First, there will be limited broadcasts for the anniversary celebration. The event time is from November 2 to November 13. Players only need to complete the tasks. Get the exclusive broadcast of the anniversary celebration. Regarding the event props, you can get 2 mission keys by completing a game every day. Remember to log in to the game and accumulate 3 games on weekends to get another mission key. There are 24 keys in the daily mission. The weekend challenge has 20 keys, for a total of 44 keys.

In addition to the anniversary broadcast, Tianmei did not forget to continue to distribute laurel coins. If you sign in from November 4th to November 6th, you can get laurel coins to exchange for any props and treasure chests in the store, including SNK hero chests. Novice players should attach great importance to this. Activities, after all, there are free SNK heroes, for old players, it is not very important.

Shield Mountain’s new skin is online

After updating the game, before logging into the game, you should watch the animation of King Glory paying tribute to China Aerospace. This animation is related to the background story of Dunshan’s new skin. After entering the store, you will find that Dunshan ‘s “Dream Full Stars” is officially launched. The launch is the skin created by King Glory and China Aerospace ASES.

The appearance looks like a guardian robot that witnesses the glorious moment of China’s aerospace industry. The special effects have a sci-fi style of spacecraft elements. The voice is like the cordial interaction between the commander and the guardian, and the sound effect is also integrated into the melody of the classic folk song “Jasmine”. The price of the skin is 888 points, and the first week’s discount plus participating activities to receive coupons, only 532 points after the skin discount, the quality is epic, many Chinese players, in order to support China Aerospace, have bought skins.

Brand new consumption system

I thought that the glory of the king is like a normal game . Just spend some money in it and recharge it to buy skins. Before this game was finally friendly to players. You don’t need to spend too much to get good quality skins. Besides, skins are important to the game. It’s not too important, just optimize the hand feel, and the combo will be smoother. Before, you only need to recharge and return the benefits. This season, a new skin customization system is launched. Now the King Star membership is launched again. It is estimated that there will be a star membership level, and the conspicuousness will exceed Noble VIP 10.


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