Amazing!! Sacramento Kings Make History, Brooklyn Nets Become Victims
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Amazing!! Sacramento Kings Make History, Brooklyn Nets Become Victims

Amazing!! Sacramento Kings Make History, Brooklyn Nets Become Victims

The Sacramento Kings have bounced back after starting the season with a dismal 0- 4 record. Mike Brown’s team appeared emotional where they’re now suitable to record a 7- 6 palm- loss record. The Sacramento Kings went nuts and beat the Brooklyn Nets 153- 121. Result This is a team’s loftiest points in one game this season.

For the history of the Kings association itself, their record points moment is also in history. It was the first time the Kings had scored 153 points in a game in 29 times. In four diggings of play, the Kings scored at least 36 points in one quarter. In the first three diggings alone Mike Brown’s team has recorded 115 points. Seven Kings players scored in double numbers.

The Kings sit in ninth place in the Western Conference standings with a palm- loss record (7- 6). The Nets themselves are stranded in 12th place in the Eastern Conference standings with a record (6- 9).

Playing Sacramento Kings with Double number Points

Domantas Sabonis is solid with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Sabonis is the Kings leader for rebounds and assists this season overall.

Kevin Huerter added 19 points. De’Aaron Fox recorded 14 points plus 9 assists. Harrison Barnes 16 points, Malik Monk 15 points and 6 assists, while Trey Lyles has 12 points. The last two names started the game like Davis, from the bench.

Playing Sacramento Kings with Double number Points
Terence Davis is the top scorer for the Sacramento Kings against the Nets

The Kings also amassed an aggregate of 39 assists from their 56 incoming shots. This result makes the Kings always win in the last four games. Their opponents in the last four games have been the Nets, soldiers, Lakers, and Gentlemen.

Interestingly, their top arranger came from the bench. Terence Davis managed to score 31 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals and no successions. Davis shot12/16 (75 percent) including7/10. tripoint.

Kevin Durant’s response

Kevin Durant

This big palm couldn’t have been separated from the slick performance of the Kings players. Especially in the alternate quarter. At that time, they had time to run presto alone in the accession of points reaching 27- 4 compared to the Nets.

From the Nets, Kevin Durant came the utmost points miner with 27 points. still, the Nets didn’t have enough defense power to repel the rush of the Kings players.

“The intensity of our game is actually also good. still, they kept shooting and kept coming by. But that does not mean we do not do anything. They were just better than us this time,” said Durant.


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