Although at the top of the standings, Arsenal can’t necessarily be the champion | 77577 Sports
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Although at the top of the standings, Arsenal can’t necessarily be the champion | 77577 Sports

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Arsenal is still continuing their good performance in the Premier League. Although considered to have developed, the Gunners aren’t believed to be a seeker for the Premier League title. As far as seven Premier League games, Arsenal have collected as numerous as 18 points. Mikel Arteta’s side are one point down from Manchester City in alternate place in the Premier League standings.

Arsenal is relatively surprising because it uses a lot of youthful players in its team. In data from Transfermarkt, the average age of the pellet storehouse team is24.3 times. Arsenal is suitable to bounce back from defeat in the Premier League. After Arsenal had suffered a crushing defeat by Manchester United, they then won 3-0 over Brentford at the weekend.

Although at the top of the standings, Arsenal can't necessarily be the champion | 77577 Sports

Former Chelsea player, Frank Leboeuf, conceded Arsenal’s good development. Now, the former French footballer is staying for Arsenal’s dogfight with Manchester City. In the original schedule, October 19, 2022, was the time for Arsenal vs Man City to play. However, the schedule was changed due to a temporary delay.

“We have to agree with that, after seven games. So far so good for them because I think they are more mature than last season. They have grown and we can see that we can compare their game last season against Brentford. More than 90 blinks, they really are superior. they are able to control the game by knowing easily what to do. In addition, their formation is strong at the back and works hard in the middle of the field. Everything is there to show that they can compete,” Leboeuf told Sportskeeda.

“I don’t know if they can win the title because when I look at Man City. They look stronger than the other brigades. Arsenal are there now and we will see how it goes. But if they continue to do that and concentrate on nothing. They have to do it, they can surprise a lot of people. We are excited about what happened when they played Man City.”


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