AC Milan Tactics If Rafael Leao Is for Sale, Bring 2 Stars at Once!
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AC Milan Tactics If Rafael Leao Is for Sale, Bring 2 Stars at Once!

AC Milan Tactics If Rafael Leao Is for Sale, Bring 2 Stars at Once!

AC Milan previously prepared a tactical move. If, Rafael Leao, was later forced to sell one of his star players. In the summer transfer request of 2022 history, Chelsea did have time to regard at Rafael Leao.

The Blues reportedly indeed dared to make a direct offer of 100 million euros. AC Milan incontinently rejected the offer raw. Sempremilan said that there was still a possibility for Chelsea to come back to betray Leao. That occasion is when the January 2023 downtime transfer request period opens.

Still, Chelsea are still ready to make a more tempting offer in the summer transfer request coming time, If it still fails. On the other hand, Milan’s operation continues to work hard to keep Leao from leaving. Milan have prepared a new contract to keep the star. But until now, Leao and Milan haven’t reached an agreement. They’re still negotiating about the payment value in the new contract.

still, it isn’t insolvable that they will eventually have to let the Portuguese player go, If Milan fail to renew Leao’s contract. Rossoneri operation was formerly apprehensive of the worst that might be to them in the future. They also reportedly have politic way in responding to the implicit departure of Leao.

AC Milan wants to bring by 2 stars at formerly

It’ll be a loss for AC Milan if they’ve to vend their star, Rafael Leao, to another club. Since last season, the Portuguese player has indeed performed well and has come the backbone of the platoon in attack. But the loss from the side of loss, Milan’s operation will be renovated by asking for a fantastic redemption plutocrat for interested clubs, especially Chelsea. The plutocrat from the trade, operation will use to find a new star that’s commensurable with the quality.

So far, there are two star names that have entered the radar of Milan Technical Director, Paolo Maldini. The two stars are Christian Pulisic and Noah Okafor. Regarding Pulisic, Milan seems to be easy to get the player from the United States from Chelsea. In addition to the Pulisic factor who infrequently gets playing twinkles, Chelsea are indeed eyeing Leao. So that Milan can ask to exchange bolsters.

While Okafor, Milan need as a step the club in invigorating the attacking line. Where, now only old players dominate. The 22- time-old player is presently working with Austrian League club RB Salzburg. The launch of this season has been relatively brilliant, scoring seven pretensions from 12 matches. According to Transfermarkt data, the request value of Okafor itself presently looks not too precious, which is 18 million euros.


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