2022 World Cup Mascot | La’eeb Visits Indonesian People, The Uniqueness of The 2022 World Cup Mascot
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2022 World Cup Mascot | La’eeb Visits Indonesian People, The Uniqueness of The 2022 World Cup Mascot

2022 World Cup Mascot| La'eeb Visits Indonesian People, The Uniqueness of The 2022 World Cup Mascot

The trip of the 2022 World Cup Mascot, La’eeb in Indonesia continues. This time, La’eeb saluted the people in the megacity of icons, Surabaya.

Since two weeks agone, La’eeb has been traveling around Indonesia. The cute charm is starting to echo the swoon of the 2022 World Cup which is lower than a month down. SCM as the sanctioned broadcaster for the 2022 World Cup held the’ Hunting La’eeb’ program.

Last week,La’eeb visited two metropolises on the islet of Java. He stopped by the megacity of Bandung and Semarang. On Friday (21/10/2022) La’eeb continued his trip to the east side of the islet of Java. He’s now visiting the capital of East Java, Surabaya.

2022 World Cup Mascot Hail the City of icons

La’eeb started his trip in Surabaya by visiting the Al Falah Mosque, Surabaya. He saluted the original people who had just performed the Friday prayers in congregation. After the Al Falah Mosque, La’eeb continued his visit to Tunjungan Plaza. There he saluted the callers to the popular boardwalk in the megacity of Surabaya.

The enthusiasm of the people of Surabaya to meet La’eeb is veritably large. Where numerous prisoner the moment with the charm. After from Surabaya, La’eeb will come to Solo and Banjarmasin (27 – 30 October 2022).

After that, he’ll visit Makassar and Jakarta (4 – 6 November 2022), Medan and Yogyakarta (11 – 13 November 2022). Also it ends contemporaneously in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya on 18 – 20 November 2022.

La’eeb uniqueness

  1. Shaped like a gutra, a Qatari headgear

Quoting the sanctioned website of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association or Fifa, the 2022 World Cup charm, Qatar and FIFA introduced at the same time as the draw for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final. This charm is shaped like a gutra, a cloth headgear that Qatari people frequently wear.

  1. Not anthropomorphic,

According to the marketing platoon that created it, this charm is to encourage everyone to imagine.

” We encourage everyone to imagine what it would look like,” the FIFA website quoted.

Anthropomorphic is an image or object that resembles a mortal, generally abstract or not real, but still shows rudiments that can be honored as corridor of the mortal body, grounded on the Big Indonesian Dictionary.

Read La’eeb Becomes the charm of the 2022 World Cup Qatar, this is a list of the World Cup phylacteries from time to time

  1. Origin and meaning of the name La’eeb

Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi says La’eeb comes from the charm- verse. This is an unconceivable place. Where ideas and creativity form the base of character that lives in everyone’s mind. La’eeb is an Arabic word meaning largely professed player.

  1. charm gospel

Although La’eeb’s shape is like a typical Qatari headgear, by design this charm isn’t anthropomorphic. Not without reason, the thing is for this charm to encourage everyone to believe in themselves. Just like its aphorism,” Now is All”.

5.La’eeb will travel the world before the 2022 World Cup

This 2022 World Cup charm, to spread joy and confidence wherever he goes. Before the 2022 World Cup which will take place from November 20 to December 18. La’eeb travels around the world inspiring youthful suckers, and encouraging action during events.

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