Not long after the optimization of the matching mechanism, players were again troubled by the game lag problem.
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Not long after the optimization of the matching mechanism, players were again troubled by the game lag problem.

Not long after the optimization of the matching mechanism, players were again troubled by the game lag problem.

The King of Glory officially entered the S29 season. Have you started to compete in ranking and scoring? In the S27 season, the auxiliary status was improved, and it was first strengthened, and then the scoring system was optimized. After the game was over, it was easier to get high scores, surpass the assassin in minutes, and win the MVP, not necessarily only the output hero can play a good performance, as for Last season, all shooters received official enhancements, adjusted their design and equipment, and the heroes who had exhausted the benefits of the version rose in an instant. I believe players have witnessed the power of descendants and Xiaoming.

In the S28 season, the dead shooting performance is over. After the season is changed, it really makes people wonder which era of heroes this season will be? In the S29 season, we planned to adjust the jungle area, so that the development speed of the jungler heroes has increased a lot, and the early stage will be more powerful. On the other hand, the strength of the shooter seems to be low. Assassins develop rapidly in the early stage, and it is easy to open up the economy with the shooter.

jungler with a high economy, if you want to kill the opposite shooter, it is not difficult. Equipment and economy will obviously increase the success rate of the assassin’s arrest. If the shooter is killed many times, the economy will naturally stretch further and further. Finally, the shooter It is more fragile than any hero, with no output and no defense. This time, the survival skills of the shooter players are tested. This adjustment has greatly reduced the intensity of dead shots. Considering that the new season has just started, perhaps after planning to detect the problem, adjustments will be made to balance the intensity of developmental shooters.

Matching mechanism optimization

Previously, a large number of players broke the news that the official will optimize the matching mechanism in the new season. It seems that this news is true. Players have complained to the official many times about the matching mechanism and punishment. Because players who do not match their strength are often arranged to form teams, leading to competition If you lose, after playing the game for a long time, the player will no longer have the heart to continue to play in the rankings, and you will waste your energy and try to express yourself. It is better to go in and practice heroes and just play. Anyway, there are great gods to match, obviously you should rely on the operation to win. By luck.

After updating the game, it can be seen from the panel that the previous single-row, multi-row and five-row buttons have been cancelled and integrated into a qualifying button. Want to know what new problems players face after the optimization of the matchmaking mechanism? Friends, remember to stay at 77577 Sports , the next article will explain in detail for you.


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